Thursday, June 12, 2008

Use P&P Guidance efficiently with Guidance Explorer

If you are using Team Foundation Server Guidance document (whether in printed or online form), then probably there are numerous times you have wished for better navigation across this 700 pages document and perhaps also for the ability to bookmark some sections of interest.

Turns out, there is tool released by Patterns & Practices team that does that, and some more! With Guidance Explorer tool you can

  • Navigate through table of contents on by chapter basis
  • Navigate through table of contents by article type (How-Tos, practices etc.)
  • Search for the required contents
  • Create your own "guidelines" from set of published topics
  • Save your favorite contents into Word document
  • Synchronize with P&P online for new guidance content

And when you download the tool, other P&P guidance documents also become available in GE, including of course TFS Guide. Moreover, the tool also allows you to create your own guidelines, that you can author using GE Toolkit and includes Web based UI – read more in GE FAQ.


Anonymous said...

чтобы добавлять свои статьи, обязательно ли регистрироватся?

eugenez said...

The tool does not allow you to add articles to P&P, it allows you to create guidance similar in style to P&P