Saturday, July 25, 2009

Updated StyleCop Checkin Policy (v1.2.1)

After countless nugdes I have updated StyleCop check-in policy for newest build of StyleCop available ( While at it, I was able to incorporate a few bug fixes and add improvements.

Version 1.2.1 of the policy is available as MSI installer or as zipped source code (available AS IS).

Bugs fixed are:

  • Solution containing projects with same Name is not evaluated correctly (keying schema is now by Project VS object instead of Name)
  • Same file appearing in different projects causes policy exception
  • C# web site projects are now supported

For the last two items, huge thanks to Clement Bouillier for bringing them to my attention.

Additionally, I have added pretty neat feature (in my opinion) to improve the navigation for the errors found by the policy. When policy is evaluated, now any violation found is added both to Checkin dialog and to Visual Studio Error List pane. Thus you can review the violations in the form similar to non-policy StyleCop violations. Additionally, clicking on policy violation either in Checkin window or Error List pane now will bring up the file and the line the violation is found in.

Policy violations are cleared from Error List pane when the policy is re-evaluated or on project build.

If you encounter any issue with the new drop, please make sure to leave a comment (and I promise to handle the issues promptly this time).

And while at StyleCop topick, I’d like to point to an excellent project driven by Howard Van RooijenStyleCop integration with ReSharper. If you use both, make sure you get the latest drop from Codeplex.

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