Friday, May 05, 2006

Pending rename folder change

When renaming folder in Solution Explorer tool window in Visual Studio (vs. performing the operation in Source Code Explorer), I have discovered one tricky point.

The following sequence of operations is performed:

* Initiate operation by using "Rename" pop-up menu on selected folder in Solution Explorer

* Change the folder name

* The "Check Out Files" dialog will appear to check out project file; set the desired lock type and click "OK"; renamed folder will appear in the project. If the "Check Out automatically" on edit option is set, the user will not be prompted and required files will be checked out automatically

* Check in the project files, using either "Pending Changes" window or "Check In …" pop-up menu in Solution Explorer or "File->Source Control->Check In …" menu, and clicking "Check In..." in the appearing dialog

Now, the walkthrough appears to be pretty obvious. But there is a catch - if the "Filter by solution" toolbutton is toggled in check in window to display only solution's changes, the "rename" change is not there! And it will dangle there for ages pending, unless you toggle off the filter or look into Source Code Explorer.

All in all, there is nothing complex here, but in my opinion the point is definitely one to be aware of.

UPDATE It was confirmed by MS that the behavior is a bug and is going to be fixed. There is also another minor bug mentioned in the MS post, so read and be enlightened.