Sunday, August 31, 2008

Renaming Team Project in VS2008 – nothing changed

Surprisingly, one of most popular posts on my blog is the one about renaming Team Projects. As it was written for VS2005, I thought I’d review it as of VS2008 SP1.

As it turns out there is not much to review. You still cannot rename the Team Project in VS2008, however there are several changes as to what can be deleted as of latest version of TFS:

  • Work items now can be deleted (use destroywi command of TFS Power Tool), so once you move work items you can delete old ones
  • Version control artifacts can be removed – fully or partially (partially by removing the contents while retaining the history) using destroy command with tf command-line client

Additionally, it is worth to note that work item moving tool by Eric Lee is available at CodePlex (it is not easy to find unless you know it is there).

Overall, the initial recommendation still stands: make sure you name Team Projects appropriately since it is a lot of pain to get close to renaming them (and is impossible to perform “clean” rename).

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Martin Hinshelwood [SSW Scotland] said...

It looks like this story is exactly the same in 2010. No rename.