Thursday, March 13, 2008

What will the future bring?

Due to several reasons (most of them involving little kids of mine :), I have pretty large backlog of topics I would like to write about; but because of the same reasons, I can see that only part of this backlog will be handled in the reasonably near future.

So I thought I'd ask my readers (I am pretty sure there are couple of them out there), what would be of greater interest? My choices are

  1. Version control and work item tracking object model
  2. Work item types customization
  3. Static code analysis

If you feel strongly about any of these topics, please leave a comment. Thanks in advance!


chicadilly said...

Our organization is right now in the midst of customizing our process template. So work item types customization would be of immediate interest to me. :) I'd love to read your tidbits on version control and work item tracking as well.

I've been reading your blog spot for some time now. Thanks for all of your insight!

Anonymous said...

Work Item Type Customization