Thursday, March 27, 2008

Influence next version of Visual Studio Team System

If you interested in influencing the next version of VSTS, the team publishes the specifications of the features under development for public feedback.
In February, the following specs were published:

  • TFS Bug Submission portal for TFS 2008 - contrary to current Web Access UI, new bug sumbmission Web UI will provide kind of access that will not require Client Access License; kind of "my work items only" management web interface (and mind you, that feature targets TFS 2008, so make sure to have a look!)

  • Send mail from TFS - the feature will implement mailing one or list of work items from VSTS

  • Linking Work Item tracking - the feature spec describes the future customizable link relationships to be supported in the next version of VSTS

The following specs were released a while ago:

  • Add to Source Control

  • History improvements

  • Improved labels dialog

  • Resolve conflicts improvements

By the way, you can view the historical list of specs for VS2008 aka Orcas here - just for inspiration :).

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