Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday release of branching guide for TFS

In case you missed the full announcement (at Jeff Beehler’s blog), I’d put a line about it too.

New version of TFS Branching Guide is released at CodePlex! In addition to what Jeff already blogged about,  three highlights of this version are (in my opinion):

  • It provides new content (especially in main and scenario sections) based on real-world TFS implementations
  • It breaks the content into easily consumable parts (my favorite are Q&A and scenarios), thus opening the way for more updates in the future
  • There is change of the direction in v2 for how to handle community involvement. V2 document is purported to be a “live” document – that is community is welcome to contribute into this document (this is part of the reason why it is released in several distinct sub-documents). The way to contribute or influence the document is to use CodePlex infrastructure and file work item for it (make sure to specify the section of the document)

Also at this note, I would like to wish everybody Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Festivus and happy holidays at large! See you in 2009!

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