Tuesday, November 18, 2008

StyleCop November news

Just a couple of interesting and very useful articles related to StyleCop.

First, Jason Allor writes about how to gradually integrate StyleCop into legacy projects. The biggest problem with StyleCop (and FxCop for that matter) when you start enforcing rules on legacy projects, is what to do about all legacy code that is not compliant. Well, for StyleCop there is an easy way out (since it operates on source code files) - it is possible to edit C# project file and so all legacy files are ignored during the analysis.

Another interesting project from Howard van Rooijen is integration of StyleCop with ReSharper. Not only it displays StyleCop warnings the same way it does ReSharper warnings, it also provides automated correction options. I am not a big fan of automatic fixes for static code analysis issues (since there should be some thinking involved in most cases), but with StyleCop kind of warnings this is very useful. Not many people fancy removing spaces or changing indentation manually – unless you get paid by the hour that is :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice post and thx for providing the link...you seem very enthusiastic about the Lab Management..and well I was the same at start and have been reading quite a lot lately about it..read everything I could get my hands on...and it sound marvelous..but I am just afraid that it might turn out to be one of those things that was in theory great but when put into practice..well you might say I am just skeptic a bit about the final product..