Monday, October 27, 2008

Visual Studio Team System 2010 CTP available!

For the benefit of those, who missed the huge announcements in the blogs and are not at the PDC, among other great things unveiled CTP of Visual Studio 2010 is available!

To get maximum fun out of CTP, here are several links

Now, few additional helpful notes

  • Make sure that you have undo disks set up (by the way, works fine for me with Virtual Server as well), so when you mess up something in the CTP, or hit maximum trial uses limit for office you can easily rollback
  • Note, that Hyper-V is not officially supported with CTP image release. Though some people are known to successfully set it up, it ain’t that easy
  • When looking at CTP, to get maximally friendly expirience  make sure you follow the walk-throughs. Current CTP is not in the state, where you can go anywhere and do anything

And don’t forget to let guys at MS know, what you think! There is whole set of forums dedicated for the purpose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

>> •Download CTP (available as 7.2 Gb zipped VPC 2007 image)

rarred, I think :)