Thursday, July 24, 2008

When (permission) inheritance is a godsend

In a previous post I talked about some issues you might encounter when transitioning from inherited to explicit permissions in TFS source control.

However, if you do not wish to completely disable permissions inheritance, there are some nice surprises in TFS permission management for you.

Let’s consider the same folder structure as in previous post


The settings for group “Contributors” on Proprietary folder are inherited from the project, and include “Check In” set to Allow.

Suppose we want to deny the “Check Out” permissions on that folder for “Contributors”, but unlike the scenario previously discussed, that is the only thing we want to change. The rest of the inherited settings should be retained. To do that you need to do three steps:

1. Uncheck “Inherit security settings” checkbox (note how all permissions are unset)

2. Deny check out for “Contributors”

3. And lastly one step that is not obvious at all – check “Inherit security settings” checkbox again

Voila! Now you have all permissions inherited from the parent folder intact, but one specific permission denied.

It is worth noting, that you cannot explicitly allow permissions, denied in the parent folder (since explicit Deny on parent will override any permissions set to Allow).

Now that you have read this post, you have officially joined the secret sect of TFS permissions administrators :).

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Anonymous said...

According to my experiences you do not necessarily need to untick the "Inherit security settings" checkbox.Just leave this checkbox untouched and tick only the "Deny" checkbox of the permission you want to deny. The result should be the same as yours.

Nevertheless: your post helped me a lot.