Monday, July 14, 2008

When (permission) inheritance is evil

One of the areas of Team Foundation Server that I constantly wish would become better is management of permissions inheritance. To illustrate, let’s assume that you have the following structure:


Now, let’s say that you have “Check In” permissions (and bunch of other permissions) set to Allow on Project level for group “Contributors”. Since by default inheritance is enabled, the same permissions apply to all subfolders.

But now you need to disable “Check In” and “Check Out”  for "Contributors" on Proprietary folder; and you do not want to Deny the permissions (since if the user belongs to other authorized group he still may modify the files). Thus you want to disable the inheritance altogether and unset Check In/Check Out, while retaining the rest of permissions.

So you right-click on Properties in Source Control Explorer, un-check "Inherit Security Settings" checkbox, previously disabled (since the permissions were inherited) authorization settings checkboxes become enabled (as expected) and ... simultaneously cleared. What? How am I supposed to remember all previously set checkboxes? [If you think it is innocent, remember that un-checking Security Settings checkbox will clear settings for all groups!]  

So what is the solution of this usability problem? I hate to tell you, but I do not have one real good solution. The one I have been using is to become close friends with tf permission command-line client. Once you become friends, make sure that you script reusable permissions sets as a batch file. While not perfect this approach may still help you to retain your sanity on a bad day.

Update: the above applies only to situations where you disable inheritance completely.

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