Monday, October 16, 2006

Removing iteration hidden goodies

I have just found a new feature in TFS! That still amazes me how after a whole year I am involved with TFS, there are still hidden and unexplored places to go.

In short, I was going to remove iteration path I have created by mistake, and there TFS goes displaying the window shown below:

Frankly, I was not thinking about work items at the time as I knew the iteration path was without any items assigned, but TFS thinking about that on my part - that is all goodness. Sure, if I had some work items I would like to migrate them, and the thoughtful dialog displayed is not a bad way of doing it.

I guess the possible usage of the feature (besides deleting iterations created by mistake :) would be for moving work items in iterative development. For example, in one setup we frequently assign all strange low priority tasks to iteration "Backlog" in milestone; so it would be convenient to delete that backlog and move all leftover backlog work items to next milestone.

It would be interesting to see if someone out there is in fact using that feature.

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noocyte said...

We've got a similar function in our software, Synergi (, but we call it "reorganize".

At times you need to "clean up" your hierarchy and so we re-org all codes, ie. update all references to one code with a new one. Like Tfs wants to do in the dialog.

Pretty neet functionality, imo.