Monday, October 16, 2006

Getting associated work items for changeset

Lately we have been working at next version of our Team Foundation Sidekicks application (more specifically at labels-related Sidekick), and as part of the development it was required to retrieve all work items associated with changeset.
Initially, the following simple code was used:

Changeset changeset = server.GetChangeset(changesetId);

Once Changeset object is instantiated, its WorkItems property readily makes all associated work items available.

The problem was the method performance; so after some search I found Naren Datha's post solving the same task. The code there uses WorkItemStore and ILinking objects and looks much more complex (as compared to one liner we used before). Heck, it must work quicker (or so I thought)!

But after some benchmarks, it turned out that those two approaches have very similar performance. I did not perform exhaustive research, but the execution time was essentially the same (within 10% delta).

So my guess would be that both methods use same core queries; and as far as complexity goes we shall stay with our previous one liner. Wouldn't you?

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