Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Undo add of solution/project

If you have performed addition of unbound solution/project to TFS source control, and want to undo the operation, there are several gotchas.

First, you perform "Undo pending changes" to undo pending Add change. All is kool, the operation is undone and it is possible to work without source control as before.

But let's say that you finally decided to add the solution/project. Several findings here:

* "Add to SC" functionality is not available! Ok, I have undone the operation but now I do want to add my solution!
Workaround: must go to File->Source control->Change source control, and there one will discover that there still exists binding of the solution to TFS. Unbind the solution/project, and then "Add to SC" functionality becomes available

* Now when performing the Add, TFS does not ask you for mappings. It adds your files to the path you specified before Undo operation!
Workaround: must go to your workspace, and there one will discover that there is mapping for your solution. Remove that mapping - then on Add TFS will ask you to specify the path.

Overall, I would say those are the facts to be aware of (as Microsoft says here there are aware of those somewhat unobvious workarounds, so any TFS user also should)

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