Thursday, April 20, 2006

Opening local solution of other user

The following scenario may occur on shared computer:

1. Bob logs in using his account to computer A
2. Bob performs get latest to folder for the solution in his workspace
3. Bob performs required activities with the files in his workspace, finishes up his activities and logs off
4. Alice logs in using her account to computer A
5. Alice opens solution in folder using "Open..." Visual Studio menu
6. Error that "bingings are improper..." is displayed

The scenario is supported by Visual SourceSafe and is not possible with TFS (see error in bullet 6).
What user (Alice) should do in TFS is to perform "Open from Source Control" for solution in her workspace2 to folder2.

Additional point you should be aware of that message saying bindings are incorrect may be caused by the scenario above.

See issue discussion here.

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