Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Get latest on check-out in TFS 2008 (footnote)

One of the new features in TFS 2008 is the ability to get the latest version on the check out (yes, yes, that's the very same feature that was discussed a zillion times).

The checkbox "Get latest version of item on check out" is located in "Tools->Options" menu, "Source Control->Visual Studio Team Foundation Server" settings tab.

That would be it but for the following fact - you will see the checkbox after you installed VS2008 and Team Explorer 2008, and it will be enabled no matter what TFS server you are using (2008 client will work both with 2005 and 2008 server). But it will work as advertised only if you have TFS2008 server!

So be forewarned - it took me quite some staring at the screen and googling to understand why the latest version did not appear :)


Unknown said...


I have a seen a bug on this feature at a client. They are running VS2005 with 2005 Explorer connected to TFS2008. 2008 Explorer is configured on server where this feature is enabled.

Now the 2005 Explorer does NOT get the latest version on check-out.

Any idea what could be wrong? Upgrading to VS2008 is not an option at this time.


eugenez said...

That's exactly the topick of the post - you must have 2008 client in addition to 2008 server for that to work.