Monday, July 30, 2007

Not only VS 2008 got released

Aw right, VS 2008 Beta 2 was released as you probably heard by now. The blogsphere is awash with VS-related posts, but this one is not about it :)

One for TFS guys - if you do Work Items customizations, have a look at custom WorkItem Date Picker control by Paul Hacker. It allows you to have a date picker control in a work item instead of free form text input which is provided by default. And if you find it handy or find it lacking something or have a great idea for custom control, do drop a line to Paul. In my opinion, we should have by now a library of custom controls, verified and ready to deploy, but we still do not and this one is great start!

Another for MSBuild guys - if you find yourself writing a lot of MSBuild in VS, Stuart Preston created a useful-looking VS MSBuild project template for you. Now you can have MSBuild project on a par with C# and C++ projects in VS!

And going back to Visual Studio - version 2.0 of Web Access for TFS is available (called now Team System Web Access Power Tool)!

(I think I had managed to fill this one with exclamation marks!)

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