Sunday, April 08, 2007

Increasing source control permissions granularity

It is a known limitation of sorts in TFS version control, that you cannot set the permissions on specific change type - that is you can specify desired permissions on check in, but not on check in of "add" or "delete" changes specifically.

Interesting question from forums dealt with how to implement permissions that will allow folder to support only addition of new files.

So far the best (or at least "cleanest") solution for that appears to be creation of custom check-in policy, that will allow check in of only specific change types. Sample policy was created by Leon Mayne and is available for download here. That policy allows the user to check in only branch/merge related changes.

To extend that approach would be to allow the user configure the permitted change types. As the policy sources are not available as of now, you will probably have to contact Leon for that :)

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